Crossfit Games Athlete Training Program and Benefits

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Crossfit workouts are named after women because on the lighter side, these exercises leave your body feeling like you have just hit a storm. These are quite brutal and effective and help you reach your desired goal very quickly. 

The most popular crossfit workouts are mentioned below. These will help you become an all-rounded sports person and will also strengthen your body overall. 

  • EMOM

This one can be defined as ‘every minute on the minute’. You need to start a clock and do some reps at regular interval at the start of each interval. This type of crossfit workouts helps boost your recovery power. One best method is to perform three clean and jerks in every minute for a period of 10 minutes

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This one can be defined as ‘as many rounds as possible’. As the name suggests, this crossfit workouts exercise is a combo of how many times you can perform a given exercise in a given period of time. One best method is to perform 12 minutes of eight squats in the front followed by eight push presses.

  • RFT

This one can be defined as ‘rounds for time’. RFT crossfit workouts mean completing a provided number of rounds of a circuit as quick as possible. You can take short rest periods in between which can help you to develop endurance. One best method is to perform eight rounds of 15 kettlebell swings and then 10 kettlebell clean followed by presses and 5 kettlebell snatches.

  • Chipper

Chipper Crossfit workouts mean a one-round series of exercises done with bigger number of reps and these should be completed in the shortest time period. These crossfit workouts are muscle-building and high-intensity. You can choose between 75 bodyweight squats, 100 press-ups, 25 pull-ups or 50 burpees.

  • Ladder

Ladder crossfit workouts include choosing one or more movements and then decreasing or increasing the exercise load over time. You can choose 1-10 reps of goblet squats or pull-ups. 

  • Tabata
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Tabata crossfit workouts include eight rounds of high-intensity intervals and putting in 20 seconds of effort and then taking 10 seconds rest. A very fast fat-burning crossfit workouts, this one is a must do. You can perform eight rows of tabata eight times.

Crossfit Workout Benefits

Crossfit workouts require an expert or someone who is very passionate about doing hardcore exercises. These exercises can be very brutal. Some of these are very difficult and some are quite fun. They showcase an excellent example of what a human body is capable of doing. Crossfit workouts are much better than bodybuilding exercises according to some coaches. These crossfit workouts include fat-burning workouts, HD six-packs and some willpower. You can also use one day in the week for performing weights or cardio but it will be better to interchange with crossfit workouts for better results. 

These are the benefits of crossfit workouts. These workouts are today the much preferred norms of exercise today.

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