Finding People With CrossFit Games Experience

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The CrossFit Games is growing in popularity. More people than ever before are joining the ranks of competitors from around the world. You too can join in on the fun, by signing up for an athlete search. If you’re looking to find out more about joining the CrossFit Games then I’m going to go over how they work and why you should consider taking part.

First things first. What is an athlete? An athlete is a person who competes in endurance sports. In other words you’re looking for someone who is going to finish a distance race in the shortest amount of time possible. These athletes use all kinds of training techniques and equipment to help them finish the race.

An Overview

To find an athlete all you have to do is sign up for a CrossFit Games athlete search. These searches are provided free of charge. Signing up will enable you to search using advanced criteria such as age, gender, and fitness level.

When signing up you will be sent links to access the CrossFit Games database. These databases hold a huge amount of information on all of the CrossFit athletes currently participating in the CrossFit Games. So, if you were interested in becoming an athlete you would have to register. You’ll receive all the information you need on how to train for the competition.

Once you’ve registered you’ll need to pay the fees. There are usually a wide range of prices, so it’s up to you to find out which one is the most reasonable. Remember that you’re paying to get access to all of the records for the CrossFit athlete you’re interested in. Also keep in mind that these records aren’t free. In some cases you will have to pay a small access fee. The price you pay should give you peace of mind that you’ve found every record available for that athlete.

Looking For People With CrossFit Experience

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You may be able to track down some photos from previous competitions. In fact I recommend looking for any photos or videos of your favorite competitors. If you don’t know how to do this then look for someone who does. Sometimes they post their photos on the CrossFit forums and you can use the forum’s Search function to find them.

The only other method of tracking down info is by using Google. There are several websites dedicated to doing exactly this. I suggest that you go to one of those and look for your desired athlete. Enter their information into the search box. Make sure you put the correct information in. Also enter the date range you’re searching for.

Finally, when you’re trying to find info on an athlete you’re looking for it’s best to search through the forums. This will provide you with both objective and subjective information. It can be very helpful for finding past results, but remember that it can take awhile to find something relevant. And while you may get lucky, I’ve heard of people getting the wrong info from forums.

If you’re still not finding what you need here’s a tip. Always check the forum signature. If you see a link to a particular workout or video uploaded by an athlete, be sure to take a peek. Most have archives of old threads where athletes talk about their workouts and their experiences. This can often times lead you directly to the info you are seeking.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that these sorts of results are preliminary. There is no guarantee that you’ll find what you want. But if you do a search I promise you that you will be very satisfied with the results. I used to waste days searching and reading through forums before I eventually found what I was looking for. Don’t be like me, get started today so you don’t have to keep searching!

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