How 5 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Aerobic


Aerobic exercise is aerobic work done at an intensity that uses large muscle groups and can be maintained continuously for at least 10 minutes. Aerobic activity will increase your body’s need for oxygen, which will cause the body to convert stored fat into energy. This article will explain how five things could change the way you approach aerobic exercise.

Which Aerobic Exercises Burn More Fat?

Aerobic exercise can be done with a vast array of equipment, but the type of aerobic equipment you use doesn’t affect how many calories you burn or which muscles you work. Some aerobic machines require a lot of support from the lower body and others are strictly upper body. In fact, aerobic workouts that use aerobic equipment such as stationary bikes do not offer any aerobic benefits over aerobic workouts that use aerobic equipment such as elliptical trainers.

Which Is Better For Your Aerobic Health, Walking Or Jogging?

Although walking and jogging both provide aerobic benefits, walking is the better aerobic activity because it can be done by just about anyone regardless of age or fitness level. Walking doesn’t jar the joints as much as jogging does, which means it’s better for aerobic health for older or less active individuals.

How Does Aerobic Exercise Compare To Anaerobic Exercises In Terms Of Duration?

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An aerobic workout can go on for hours, but an aerobic workout is typically 45 minutes to one hour in length. Anaerobic workouts are aerobic since the body needs oxygen to restore itself after anaerobic exercise, but aerobic and anaerobic workouts do have some differences. Aerobic exercise uses large muscle groups while anaerobic exercise uses smaller muscles. Additionally, aerobic exercises are done at a lower intensity than aerobic exercises; this means aerobic exercises use the aerobic energy system while anaerobic exercises use the aerobic and anerobic energy systems.

What Is Aerobic Interval Training?

Aerobic interval training is a type of aerobic workout that includes short bursts of intense exercise followed by recovery periods. For example, you could run for 30 seconds at 95% intensity, then walk at 65% intensity for 60 seconds.

Why Do Aerobic Workouts Burn More Calories Than Anaerobic Workouts?

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An aerobic workout can last as long as several hours, but the body uses aerobic energy systems during aerobic exercise and anerobic energy systems during anaerobic exercise. Aerobic energy systems use aerobic metabolism, which burns fat and carbohydrates for fuel. Anaerobic energy systems only burn carbohydrates for fuel.

Being able to range aerobic exercise over several hours means aerobic workouts burn more calories than anaerobic workouts.


Aerobic exercise is aerobic work that uses aerobic energy systems, which burns more fat than carbohydrates for fuel. Aerobic exercise lasts for several hours, while anaerobic exercise only last a few minutes. An aerobic workout will burn more calories than an anaerobic one, making aerobic workouts the better choice when weight loss is the goal.

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