Overhead Shoulder Exercises For Athletes

shoulder exercises for athletes

Shoulder exercises for athletes can be done safely and effectively if you know what to do. Many shoulder injuries occur because a person was not trained properly and did not perform the exercises correctly. You need to use proper form to avoid injury, but some exercises should always be done regardless of how good a workout you have had. These shoulder exercises for athletes can help repair any damage that may have been done and strengthen your shoulders and prevent them from injury in the future.

Best Overhead Shoulder Exercises

One of the most common problems for many athletes is a lack of shoulder flexibility. You can improve your range of motion and strengthen your shoulders by doing targeted exercises such as seated shoulder press, lateral shoulder rotations, and upright row. If you already have a good amount of shoulder flexibility, you can use free weights or dumbbells to target specific areas of your shoulder muscles. It is important to keep in mind that although dumbbells are much smaller than barbells, they provide less resistance and will not help you build muscle strength.

One of the main reasons that shoulder injuries occur to athletes is that they do not properly warm-up and cool down before their training. This leads to a lack of flexibility and overuse of the muscles in the shoulder region. A great warm-up that should always be done before shoulder exercises for athletes is stretching.

Common Problem With Athletes

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Another common problem that athletes have is a lack of strength in their shoulders and a tight back. Athletes need to perform overhead shoulder movements that require a lot of strength. If you are a thrower, you should perform a wide-open arm overhead throw. A great overhead shoulder movement for runners is known as the Turkish get-up. Both athletes need to be very strong to prevent injury to the back, which is the number one cause of shoulder pain.

Shoulder exercises for runners and any athlete are done on an alternating upper and lower body workouts pattern. You should alternate which side you are working out on. This is great because you are strengthening and stretching all the muscles in your body simultaneously. Make sure that you use enough weight and that the weights are fairly heavy.

When performing overhead shoulder exercises for athletes, you should focus on moving your shoulder blades together while resting your arm on the ground. Do not strain the muscles in your shoulders when you take your hand off the ground. Take small, quick movements, and do not let your arms go until you are ready to move them again. Make sure that you keep the weight of your entire body on your elbows when you are performing this exercise.

The final exercise for the shoulders that you will perform for the overhead shoulder is the flat overhead shoulder press. To complete this exercise, you should stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your shoulders width apart at all times, and make sure that your elbows do not touch when you rotate your shoulder or move your arms. Push your hips out and make sure that your chest is flat against the floor. You should be able to see approximately two to three inches from your hips to the floor when you are looking down.

End Note

The most common overhead shoulder exercises for athletes involve flat and reverse flies. This type of exercise stretches and strengthens the muscles in your shoulder area. It is important always to be careful when exercising the muscles in your neck and shoulders. These can cause a lot of injuries to wide open if they are overextended. So be careful and do not overdo it.

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