Vegetarian Athlete Diet You Should Follow To Meet The Requirements

Vegetarian Athlete Diet

A vegetarian diet is selected by professional athletes for various reasons such as health, ethics, environmental, religious, etc. But some people assume that such a diet is not right for athletes, which is wrong. Athletes of all levels and fields from young to professionals can meet their nutrients and energy requirements from vegetarian diets easily that contain a vast variety of food. The food may include grain products, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and other protein-packed plant foods. If you are also in any such field then here is a vegetarian athlete diet that you can implement in your lifestyle.

Vegetarian Athlete Diet To Follow
Vegetarian Athlete Diet To Follow

Protein For A Vegetarian Athlete Diet

Protein is an important part of an athlete’s life that helps in building and repairing your muscles in which all meat products are very helpful. But if you have decided to switch to a vegetarian diet then you need to be very specific. It requires high protein for your body for rebuilding and repairing. For that, you can take nuts and nut butter, bean and lentils. They are known to be a rich source of protein. You can also go for whole grains, seeds, soy milk, and tofu. For the snacks, you can go with protein bars and other protein analogs such as veggie burgers.

Vitamin D And Calcium 

Calcium and vitamin D should always be there in your vegetarian athlete dietThey are very beneficial for maintaining and building bones stronger. Calcium is also involved in various other functions performed by the body such as sending messages to nerves to move the body etc. These calcium and vitamins can be gained easily with the help of dairy products. You can also go for various other sources like soy, almond milk and rice, cereals, and protein bars. When it comes to vegetables for athletes, you can take broccoli, Bok Choy, and kale.

Vitamin B12 Is Very Essential In A Vegetarian Athlete Diet

The B12 helps in improving your nervous system along with maintaining healthy blood cells. The deficiency of B12 can result in causing various types of anemia and lead to certain symptoms such as fatigue which is very harmful to younger athletes. Various dairy products can greatly help in fulfilling the requirements of B12. You can also get the vitamin from rice, almond milk, and soy, veggie burgers, etc.

Vegetarian Athlete Diet Plan
Vegetarian Athlete Diet Plan


It is the main component of the body that helps in carrying the oxygen throughout the body along with muscles where it needs to be stored. To avoid fatigue and the vegetarian source of iron can be legumes bread and enriched cereals. Nuts, prunes, and blackstrap can also be eaten for a great amount of iron in the body along with various dark green vegetables.

The vegetarian athlete diet must be iron-rich and you should take it every day. This also helps in improving your stamina and for running and playing without getting tired.


Being an athlete you can fulfill your requirements from vegetarian diets easily. Some foods are good for muscles while others help in improving your stamina. You can prepare a diet plan and follow the same.

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